Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Myalgic Encephalitis, 2nd ed.

It’s Mitochondria, Not Hypochondria

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Mitochondria are the powerhouses of our cells, essential for the production and management of energy at the cell level. Dr. Sarah Myhill has spent years studying the relationship between mitochondrial malfunction and one of the most common problems that leads people to the doctor’s office: fatigue.

In Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Myalgic Encephalitis, Dr. Myhill examines this essential role of our mitochondria in energy production and why it is key to understanding and overcoming Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and the inflammation that often accompanies it: Myalgic Encephalitis (ME). She explains the importance of healthy mitochondria, how we can assess how well they are functioning, what we can do to keep them healthy, and how to restore them to health if problems arise.

Since publication of the first edition in 2014, new research and new clinical findings have shed further light on a condition that is debilitating to those who suffer from it, but “all in the head” to many doctors. The second edition of this groundbreaking book includes new insights and chapters on why CFS/ME is the most poorly treated condition in Western medicine, the role of the gut, allergy and autoimmunity, Lyme disease and other coinfections, reprogramming the immune system, reprogramming the brain, and the roadmap to recovery.

Reviews and Praise

  • “Dr. Sarah Myhill does it again, shedding light on chronic illness and patterns of fatigue and extreme brain fog. I was first introduced to the idea that mitochondrial damage was the basis of all disease in the early ’90s while battling my own health issues, and later, again, in naturopathic medical school in the mid ’90s. One of my professors taught me that the first sign of mitochondrial damage was fatigue. In a world where we are chronically overfed and undernourished and riddled with “holes in our bucket,” as Dr. Myhill points out, our mitochondria are in constant battle against dietary indiscretions, lifestyle imbalance, and toxicants, making it difficult to run our internal motors effectively and efficiently. Dr. Myhill explains how we got here and how we can turn it around, offering hope to thousands.”—Dr. Nasha Winters, coauthor of The Metabolic Approach to Cancer

More Reviews and Praise

  • “Conventional medicine has failed to bring relief to the many thousands of people suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Myalgic Encephalitis, in part because these conditions have roots in mitochondrial damage that are not well understood. Explaining the role of diet, gut health, inflammation, and much more, Dr. Sarah Myhill offers detailed recommendations so that readers can take control of their own recovery.”—Tom Cowan, MD, author of Human Heart, Cosmic Heart 

  • “This is a must read for anyone with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Myalgic Encephalitis! It’s not only an excellent resource on these two common health conditions but also a clear example of the failings of the conventional medical establishment and the profit-over-patient paradigm that Big Pharma operates on.

    “Right from the beginning of the book, it becomes immediately clear that conventional medicine is far too ill-equipped or ill-trained to deal with such complex disorders. With many possible causes that can lead to wide-ranging symptoms, CFS/ME is a prime example of the need for personalized healthcare and treating the whole person, not just symptoms. However, with the limitations intrinsic to conventional ‘cookie-cutter’ healthcare, it’s almost always symptoms management.

    “In the age of easy access to information, and with this amazing book being so readily accessible, democratizing their own healthcare is now a reality for CFS/ME patients. With clear guidelines on what tests are useful and why, and various treatment options that can be adjusted for each individual situation, this book may just be the resource that rejuvenates tired bodies around the world.”—Dr. Lee Know, author of Mitochondria and the Future of Medicine

  • “Dr. Myhill has written an extraordinary book. She is the number one authority on CFS in the UK. Whereas many doctors dismiss the condition, she explains what it is, what has gone wrong in the body, using appropriate tests that are not done by mainstream medicine, and tells people what they can do about it. Whereas mainstream medicine only uses drugs to deal with a particular symptom, Dr. Myhill explains the reasons ‘Why’. In my opinion, you will never cure anything unless you understand and deal with the why.”—Dr. P. J. Kingsley, MB BS, MRCS, LRCP, FAAEM, DA, DObst, RCOG

  • “This book is logical and evidence-based but is still an easy read. Dr. Myhill has made the mitochondrial story clear for the non-expert. It makes essential reading for family members or friends of CFS sufferers. This book will help these patients to obtain understanding and effective management from their physicians.”—Dr. Sybil Birtwistle, MB ChB, DObst, RCOG, DCH, postgraduate tutor, British Society for Environmental Medicine

  • “This book is an invaluable tool to recover from fatigue-related disorders for patients and practitioners alike! It is based on years of clinical experience, backed by research; written in a clear, concise way with lots of practical instructions – and from what I can see using these methods in my practice: it works!”—Dr. Franziska Meuschel, MD, PhD, ND, LFhom

  • “If the first edition of this book became a key reference that was readable and upbeat, full of information explaining complex issues of cell biology together with practical tips, three years later, the second edition supersedes it with a wealth of added helpful points in the light of more recent developments in the world of ‘functional’ and environmental medicine. Many important tests are explained in detail together with their role in a person’s recovery plan. The folly of the mainstream approach to ME is exposed and is truly shocking. The style is flowing; the evidence is poignant and the references are meticulously made, yet easy to follow. Dr. Myhill has opened the minds of thousands of ME sufferers, and their carers, as to how to seize control of their health in an era when evidence is mounting that the causes of many chronic conditions can be traced to our life-styles and environment.”—Dr. Apelles Econs, MRCS, LRCP, Allergist

  • “Brilliant! This book offers the most complete, logical, practical and optimistic guide for people trying to recover from CFS that I am aware of. If every doctor could also take its contents on board, the management of CFS would be revolutionised.”—Dr. Charles Forsyth, MB BS, FFHom

  • “Over the years, working as a General Practitioner, I have recommended Dr. Myhill’s work to hundreds of patients. Her approach combines an in-depth understanding of human physiology with years of practical experience, and the use of cutting-edge laboratory testing, to diagnose and treat the root causes of complex chronic diseases. Written with humour and compassion, Dr. Myhill has put together a simple step-by-step guide for patients, to take back control of their own health and start their journey to recovery. I am delighted that I can now recommend this book to every patient.”—Dr. Jens Rohrbeck, MD, MPhil, GP, Functional Medicine Physician

  • “This book is a ‘must have’ for everyone suffering from CFS (and their doctors). It explains all the different aspects of this complex condition, and details ways that each patient can contribute to their own recovery. Dr. Myhill has tirelessly dedicated much of her career to improving the quality of life of CFS patients for whom conventional approaches (antidepressants, cognitive behavioural therapy and graded exercise) have not been enough. Her commitment, genius and sense of humour come across wonderfully in these pages, encouraging and supporting those with this terrible condition not to give up.”—Dr. Nicola Hembry, BSc, MB BS, MSB, PGDip

  • “The brilliant work of John McLaren-Howard, Sarah Myhill and Norman Booth reveals that CFS/ME is due to mitochondrial dysfunction. This discovery revolutionizes the world’s understanding of CFS and how to investigate and treat the biochemical abnormalities. Dr. Myhill’s book has never been more needed. In 2016 NHS data found that 26 per cent of young women aged 16 to 24 years had mental health problems and 9.1 per cent of young men. Most first use of antidepressants is in adolescent girls aged 15 to 19 years using non-oral progestin-only contraception. Progestins increase MAO activity upsetting brain and blood vessel functions. Four women have mitochondrial function tests for every one man. The epidemic of CFS, like breast cancer, has increased since contraceptive hormone and HRT use became widespread. Mitochondrial dysfunction has many causes, including toxic DNA adducts, but avoiding progestin and oestrogen use is vitally important for recovery from CFS.”—Dr. Ellen Grant, MB ChB, DObst, RCOG

  • “Dr. Myhill breaks new ground in her approach to chronic fatigue syndrome and demonstrates clearly, with compelling scientific evidence, that this condition is not psychological but has treatable physical causes. She gives detailed guidance on practical ecological measures that need to be followed to effect recovery. This is a book which should cause many doctors and health professionals to radically revise their understanding of CFS and gives sufferers real encouragement and hope for their future health.”—Dr. John Meldrum, MB ChB, MRCGP, DA, DCH, DObst, RCOG, HTD

  • “What really struck me about this book is the degree to which it allows people with CFS to be in charge of their own recovery, and to have the confidence, through the authority of the author, to know what to ask for from health professionals. It explains with real clarity the complex biochemical processes underlying chronic disease and CFS, and the link with allergies, diet, micro-organisms and aspects of the Western lifestyle. There is a detailed and clear discussion of the tests available, how to interpret them, and what to do to get better. All this without ignoring the importance of good lifestyle habits, psychological health and the right kind of exercise. A fantastic book for all health professionals too.”—Dr. Dee Marshall, MB BS, MFHom, WellnessMedical, London, UK

  • “Dr. Myhill’s wonderful book presents the clearest and most helpful information I have ever read on what chronic fatigue syndrome actually is and what the many possible causes of it are. This is the only book that I’ve found that presents a comprehensive approach for assessing the underlying causes of CFS and treating them that may be tailored for the individual patient. Understanding how mitochondrial failure can arise, why mitochondrial function problems are often a major factor in CFS and the approaches for restoring good mitochondrial function should form part of all medical training. Dr. Myhill’s book should be a standard text in all medical schools as well as being essential reading for all CFS patients and their doctors. It is easy to read, laden with information and shows practical ways of actually assessing and treating CFS. Loved it!”—Paul Robinson, BSc (Hons), author of Recovering with T3 and The Ct3m Handbook

  • “Drawing on decades of clinical experience, and unparalleled success in restoring health, hope and energy to thousands of CFS patients, Dr. Myhill brings solid scientific evidence together with biological common sense to explain how to recover from this ghastly and increasingly common illness. She describes the underlying cellular mechanisms in a way that everyone can understand, demonstrating simply the physiological basis of low energy production in CFS. This is an aspect that is largely ignored by most current approaches to CFS, but Dr. Myhill shows clearly that CFS is in your mitochondria, not in your mind! This book is an invaluable step-by-step guide to recovery, for patient and physician alike. I would not be without a copy in my clinic!”—Dr. Jenny Goodman, MA, MB ChB

About The Author

About Sarah Myhill

Dr. Sarah Myhill qualified in medicine (with Honours) from Middlesex Hospital Medical School in 1981 and has since focused tirelessly on identifying and treating the underlying causes of health problems, especially the “diseases of civilisation” with which we are beset in the West. She has worked in NHS and private practice and for seventeen years was the Hon Secretary of the British Society for Ecological Medicine (renamed from the British Society for Allergy, Environmental and Nutritional Medicine), a medical society interested in looking at causes of disease and treating through diet, vitamins and minerals, and through avoiding toxic stress. She helps to run and lectures at the Society’s training courses and also lectures regularly on organophosphate poisoning, the problems of silicone, and chronic fatigue syndrome. She has made many appearances on TV and radio. Visit her website at www.drmyhill.co.uk.

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