Leslie Crawford

Leslie Crawford always thought she’d wind up living in the country raising vegetables and animals on a farm straight out of Charlotte’s Web. That didn’t happen, though she does have six chickens and five rescue pigeons in her San Francisco home. Crawford became a writer instead, producing stories for San Francisco Magazine, Salon, Metropolitan, and many other publications and websites before channeling her farming aspirations into a story about a hen who finds her way out of a cramped cage into a life of adventure with a young boy. A vegetarian but in no way a self-righteous one, as she likes to point out, Crawford thinks of the her ongoing children’s book series as gentle reminders that all farm animals are worthy of respect. Leslie loves any excuse to write and speak about topics relating to sustainable food, animal welfare, and children’s books.

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Books By Leslie Crawford

Sprig the Rescue Pig

Hardcover $17.99

Gwen the Rescue Hen

Hardcover $17.99

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