Recovery from Injury, Surgery and Infection

Nature Cures

Publisher: Hammersmith Books Limited

This latest title from the Nature Cures stable provides a comprehensive guide to the foods richest in the nutrients required for healing and boosting the immune system. At some time during their lifetime, everyone suffers an injury or infection of some kind and many are not aware that there are numerous natural foods that can help the body improve its defences, attack its enemies more effectively and heal faster. Some of these should be consumed internally and some should be used externally, and there are some that can be used in both ways. Recovery from Injury, Surgery and Infection, backed up by historic and current research findings, explains the properties of these foods, what is most effective in specific situations, and how best to consume them.

About The Author

About N H Hawes

Nat Hawes has been researching the curative potential of food for over 15 years, initially to address personal and family health problems. However, once she had set up the website she discovered the worldwide thirst for both traditional and current knowledge of ‘food as medicine’ and has been working to incorporate the latest findings ever since. Since starting the website she has trained as a nutritional therapist, with Distinction, and now helps clients struggling to recover from injury and infection, as well as those suffering from the range of ‘diseases of civilisation’ associated with long-term inflammation and the Western lifestyle. Her comprehensive reference book Nature Cures: the A to Z of ailments and natural foods has been well received worldwide.

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Pages:240 pages
Book Art:Black-and-white illustrations throughout
Size: 5.4 x 8.5 inch
Publisher:Hammersmith Books Limited
Pub. Date: October 29, 2019
Paperback: 9781781611173

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